The energy audit includes all services and is carried out in accordance with current/local legislation in order to improve energy efficiency and save energy.

The energy audit process includes the recognition of the existing energy consumption of a building or a group of buildings, an industrial activity and/or installation, through which it will be identified and Quantify the cost-effective potential for energy saving and then a results report will be prepared.

The energy audit is carried out by the “Energy Auditor” (natural or legal person registered under license).

Energy audits will be carried out according to the standards of energy audits-CYS EN 16247-1/2/3/4 (General / buildings / processes / transport)


Our Work

DDA Mechanical Consulting Engineers LLC, together with its associates, has significant experience in energy saving projects and energy audits in the industrial and building sector and is fully able to perform energy audits According to Standard EN 16247.

More specifically, it operates with energy audits and feasibility pre-studies for energy saving projects with significant experience in all sectors and various types of inspections with or without the use of measuring equipment.

Electrical Services to be Included

  • Lighting systems
  • Performance improvement and life equipment and machinery
  • Power and load factor
  • Maximum / minimum load demand
  • Restraint selection of the appropriate and most sufficient load demand
  • Equipment
  • Power factor correction smart devices and
  • Voltage and harmonics smart smoothing devices

Mechanical Services to be Included

  • Building envelope – Thermal insulation
  • Passive Energy Saving Systems
  • Air conditioning (cooling-Heating) systems
  • Ventilation (fresh air & exhaust air) systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Other systems such as steam or water boilers, Coolers & Freezers, Refrigerators etc