• Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
  • Central Heating Systems (Floor Heating, Hot Water Radiators etc)
  • Exhaust Ventilation Systems for car parks, fire smoke etc
  • Hot and Cold Water Services and Water treatment
  • Sewage and Waste Water Drainage Systems
  • Fire Fighting Services (Sprinklers, Hose Reels, Dry Risers, Wet Risers etc)
  • Gas Storage and Distribution
  • Cleaning Vacuum system
  • Building Management Systems

Renewable Energy Saving Systems

· Energy Saving using Solar Panels for Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating / Cooling

· Energy Saving using Geothermal Systems for Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating / Cooling


  • Water Supply Systems
  • Automatic Irrigation Systems
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Sewage Drainage Systems
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant

Special Services

  • Special Air Conditioning Systems with Humanity control (Close Control Units in computer rooms, museums, telecommunication rooms etc)
  • Automatic Fire Fighting Systems using special gases or dry powder
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Swimming Pools Mechanical Services
  • Elevators / Lifts / Escalators / Auto walks
  • Medical and Laboratory Gases
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Kitchen Ventilation
  • Fountains
  • Cold Rooms